Heuristic Analysis

The first step was to review the site and pin point usability issues. I noticed issues with the journey and also lost opportunities to delight their users. This also featured a competitor study to highlight their direct competition.

The report also showcased code improvements and how they could optimise better for search engines

The output was a report including a look into their Google Analytics to prove some of my heuristic assumptions.

Heuristic Analysis

Lean UX workshops

After the report was presented. I was able to get insights directly from the team at Responsible Travel including where they think the site was failing.

It also allowed me to get a clearer understanding of their brand values and the characteristics of their users and the journeys they would take

They agreed with my assumptions and we collaboratively designed wireframes on the whiteboard combining usability best practice, quantitative data and qualitative insights

Anything that we couldnt agree upon on the room I took away to create a variety of minimum viable products to be used in testing sessions later

Lean UX

Wireframing & Prototyping

We had some rough sketches on a whiteboard and a tonne of insights from the team. It was now time to prototype.

As mentioned earlier, anything that needed a little more clarity made it to a prototype stage and we'd only build what was necessary.

A key example of this was how the filter would work across devices and how we could get the right holidays to the right users without causing friction.

I created prototypes in Invision and HTML, CSS and Javascript to illustrate how certain UI patterns would work. We then tested this in our working sessions.

Responsible Travel Wireframing

Design & Build

Thankfully I was working with some amazing creatives, who were simultaneously delivering the new brand.

I provided my wireframes and prototypes to the creatives and walked them through the journeys to be taken. They then added their brand assets and design style to ensure it followed with the print work and strategic messaging "Helping Dreamers Do"

Design and UX sessions were held where I would review the designs to ensure that the integrity of the user experience remained.

The results

  • Conversion: +3.43%
  • Avg revenue: +11%
  • Leads: +20%
  • Traffic: +27%
  • Page views: +9%
Responsible Travel

We worked with Dan in 2015 to completely rework our UX for our website, since then we’ve seen an increase in leads of 20%. His input was incredible and he helped us reimagine the key user journeys taken within the website and how our customers can better interact with us digitally. The transformation of the site and our business has been dramatic and Dan is undoubtedly the best UX guy we have ever come across and worked with. We were keen to work with him again and were sad to hear he had been snapped up in a full time role.

Tim Williamson - Director Responsible Travel