About Me

Hi my name is Daniel Sherratt (@danstyled), my interest in web design flared when I was just 13 where I delved into html 4 (pfft tables).

Nowadays you can find me in or around Doncaster or trawling Sheffield Hallam University if i’m not "studying" i’l be on some form of web design site trying to learn something new.

I freelance often and have been working with adobe photoshop for the past 5 years and have been using xhtml, css for 3 of those. I’m all about the media with an extensive film collection and a music collection which could only be described as random.

I specialise in web design. I can also provide you with logos,
business cards, leaflets and much more.


Working with Dan was a pleasure from beginning to end. Upon approaching Dan I had no idea how I want.. -Lstaylor This website reflects our applications purpose in an attractive and appealing way. Will definately u.. -iShuApp

Recent Work